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reach our engaged audience wherever they are.

Every day millions of people visit the Reach online network of news sites. And every page we serve features dedicated ad spots in prominent positions that are just waiting to showcase your business to our loyal audience. Digital display ads are a brilliant way of building awareness and getting clicks, conversions and sales.

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connect with your kind of customers using effective targeting.

It’s about reaching the right people, not just lots of people. Our specialists can target your ads so that they’re placed in front of potential customers. So if you want to target specific groups based on their demographics, lifestyle and location, we can do that. We have a deep, demonstrable understanding of our audience.

select from a suite of digital ad positions and sizes.

We offer a variety of highly-effective ad types that you can choose from. These range from classic billboards and banners to site skins and even takeovers where your ads occupy every single spot on a chosen page. Just imagine, your business could be the only one to appear on the homepage of your local news site.

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