Here’s how our first-party data can laser target specific users.

discover the targeting power of our audience data.

The Reach online network attracts millions of users every month and we understand them very well. By observing the browsing behaviour of our most loyal users we have collected a wealth of valuable proprietary data that we can use to provide bespoke, highly-targeted advertising solutions for our clients.

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introducing our Plus+ range of products.

We use our first-party data to power our Plus+ products. Audience+ is our enhanced audience targeting tool that takes a multi-layered approach to build up user segments which we can track and target. Geo+ meanwhile employs user data and IP addresses to target geographical areas within the UK.

associate your business with relevant content.

Our new content widget provides you with an opportunity to feature your brand and message within relevant articles, enhanced by the power of our first-party data. You can use it to associate your business with content that represents your values, in a 100% brand-safe environment.

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