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reach the right candidates locally, regionally or nationally.

Fish4Jobs is the official job site of Reach’s network of regional and national news brands. It connects local people with local jobs, making it easier than ever for employers to ensure that their vacancies are seen by the right people, leading to the right hires.

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why Fish4Jobs is right for recruitment.

Whether you’re looking for HGV drivers in Newcastle, teaching assistants in Cambridge, or part-time administrators in Manchester, the recruitment specialists at Fish4Jobs can create a bespoke advertising package to ensure you secure the best local talent.

maximise the opportunity to drive applications.

We offer targeted advertising which allows recruiters to focus on active job seekers based on the vacancies they’re browsing online. We’re also able to amplify the reach of our job adverts through exposure on our news sites as well as through traditional print adverts in our leading newspapers.

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