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We create trusted connections with communities.

The largest national and regional news publisher in the UK & Ireland.

Every day, millions of people visit our news sites, whether at home, work, or out and about, people consume our news, sport and entertainment content around the clock.

Our scale means we are the biggest commercial news publisher in the UK & Ireland, with a dedicated digital audience of more than 35 million users per month* in the UK & Ireland.

We believe that finding ways to connect with communities has never been more important. And we are uniquely placed with our portfolio to tap into those communities and connect them to brands.

We’re proudly mainstream and the way we define our audience is through “Communities”

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When it comes to reaching local communities, we are uniquely placed with our significant regional and local footprint, to serve audiences in the areas that they live in.

In fact, we know from our research that explicitly demonstrating to your audience that you are talking to them on their turf goes a long way and can have an ongoing effect on brand affinity.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, local community means more to people than it ever has before. Our research demonstrated that;

  • 58% of people are saying they feel a greater sense of community post-pandemic
  • 85% agree it is important to support local businesses
  • 74% of adults rate their city, town or village as an important part of their identity
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Our users can be grouped into communities geographically, plus, we have the ability to define communities and build audience groups based on passion points. These audiences can be united by the topics they are passionate about – whether that’s sports, celebs, TV, hobbies or pets and more…

We are the largest publisher of sports content and identify with key fan bases within that scale – whether that’s Premier League football, Six Nations or Olympics obsessives…

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The third way in which we define our Community audience, is by values.

This community is based on sharing core beliefs and purpose. We unite audiences over all sorts of social and cultural issues – be that the environment and climate change, political belief system, culture or religious values, which charities they donate to.

Our diverse network of brands represent different voices, cultures and value systems, providing you with the optimum advertising solutions to engage the nation.

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