Case Study

Network Rail / Storycatchers & UM

The brief

Network Rail worked with us to create the You vs Train campaign in order to convey the importance of personal safety around railway lines. The main objective was to raise awareness of railway line trespassing and to reduce the number of incidents.

Our solution

In order to grab the attention of our audience, Network Rail  ran eye catching and unique creative pre-roll ads that feature a fake skip button.  When the user clicks the skip button the presenter falls off his chair, which changes the tone of the advert and captures their attention. Network Rail ran this campaign exclusively with Reach due to the scale of our audience and data targeting capabilities. We ran ‘skippable’ pre-roll ads and clickable video skins geo-targeting the main affected locations.

Our reach

Ads were geo-targeted to Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Huddersfield, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester and Newcastle. Negative contextual brand safety was applied using Mantis technology around the words crash, death and accident. Overall, ‘Skippable’ Video Pre-Roll Ads achieved more than 2.5million impressions, 1.1million skips and 557,595 video completes, simply outstanding. In fact, 87% of campaign recallers liked the advert, 86% agree the ad was informative and 76% took action after seeing the ad.
pre-roll impressions
video skips
agree this has made them more likely to turn to Network Rail for information in the future

Katy Baker


Reach were brave and dynamic enough to adapt the media placements to suit this creative, and deliver the pure creative idea exactly as it was presented.

Main solutions used

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