Promote Your App.

Promote your app.

get more people to download and use your app.

Now more than ever, target audiences are choosing to access the internet via mobile devices, raising the need or desirability for businesses to create and market a mobile app. One objective that many of our clients face is the promotion is not often reflective of the investment that was made to develop the app. So what is the most-effective way to promote an app?
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acquire new downloads through mainstream media.

Outside of app store promotions, many developers and brands are benefiting from paid promotion through mainstream media, often incorporating social media, sponsored content and PR to achieve higher download rates and improved retention of users, reflective of where they were first informed.

measurable results.

By utilising our network of trusted news brands, combined with our digital ad products, we can help create a content marketing plan that generates traffic to your download environment. As a Google Partner, and an associate of Meta, we have the capability and expertise to enhance your app visibility through social and search ads. To find out more about promoting apps, get in touch.

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