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Blackwater Motors

The brief

Introducing clients to a new way of reaching their audiences can be a challenge, but innovation is key when it comes to propelling a business forwards in the digital age. Cork-based Blackwater Motors had a degree of scepticism in regards to using website advertising at first, but after continued communication which focused on addressing their pre-existing ideas of what a successful commercial strategy looked like, and educating them on the advantages of working with Reach, they decided to run a trial of digital display ads.

Our solution

Blackwater Motors had previously only engaged with traditional marketing formats such as radio, and had never entered the digital landscape in the form of advertising on a website before. Cork Beo was identified as the primary platform through which regional customers that Blackwater Motors wanted to target could be reached, as the number 1 digital site in Munster. The initial trial they agreed to was a huge success, with a great return on their investment. This was achieved through strong communication between the client and Reach in regards to their goals and expectations, and what Reach could deliver for them.

Our reach

After being open to navigating uncharted waters with our team lead Grainne McDonald’s expertise, a three pronged approach was chosen which delivered incredible results. These prongs came in the form of an article, which featured on Cork Beo and delivered 2,832 page views. On average our readers spent 265% longer reading this sponsored content versus our average sponsored article. A Homepage Take Over was also undertaken, where an estimated 150,000 impressions were made, with so many fresh eyes being introduced to the business from this incredible strategy point..  Social media strategy was the final prong, and brought 106,117 impressions with a reach of 53,536 for our client.
article page views
social impressions
social reach

Jean Murphy

Marketing Manager, Blackwater Motors

I have worked with Grainne on numerous projects with our Volkswagen and Audi brands, have found her to be brilliant to work with in coming up with creative and impactive campaigns that deliver us the results we want. She is always on hand to help with any questions & I will continue to work with her in the future.

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