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Geography Targeting

Target countries, cities, and other regions for delivery


We utilise Google Ad Manager (GAM) as our ad server, the information below relates to the direct targeting available through GAM, other targeting options are available through additional products and services offered by Reach PLC.

You can target a campaign to countries, regions (such as provinces, prefectures, states, etc.) and cities.

The options available vary by country. To get a full list of geographic values available for targeting, in the United Kingdom click here. United States targeting provides the most specific options, such as zip codes and neighborhoods.

Geographic areas available for targeting

  • City
  • County
  • Country
  • Airport
  • State
  • Neighborhood
  • Zip code

Postcode targeting is not currently available in the United Kingdom & Telephone area code targeting is not supported.

We support The IAB UK and The Coalition for Better Ads initiatives to create a better ad supported user experience. All ad formats and creative must adhere to The Better Ads Standards.

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