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Nigel Black
14 February 2020
3 min. to read

Mother’s Day sales topped 1 BILLION last year – don’t miss out on this consumer spend.

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day. We don’t mean that personally, as we know all your awesome mums will be spoilt with gifts and treats on Mothering Sunday.

But as a business you definitely don’t want to overlook Mother’s Day as it’s one of the biggest events in the UK retail calendar. Sales were worth an impressive £1bn in 2019 and that level of spending is expected to continue.

Last year 58% of UK consumers bought a gift or product for Mother’s Day, with each spending an average of £72 on gifts.

Unsurprisingly flowers and in-home food/drink were the biggest-selling items at 17% and 16% of the total spend respectively.

Mother’s Day activities were also popular – in particular eating in and dining out. More than a third of consumers participated in food-related activities compared to just 16% who engaged in leisure-based activities.

The spend is there, so how can you do to make the most of it?

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