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Filipa Cebola
21 February 2024
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By planning your social media content ahead of time, you will be able to stay consistent, have more time to produce quality content and manage your time more efficiently.

Creating your social media schedule ahead of time may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategy and tools, it is entirely achievable.

Just follow the steps below, and you will have a month’s worth of content in just 10 minutes!

1. Write down your goals

Always go back to the basics and start by defining your goals for that month. Think about the short-term things you are trying to achieve. This could be increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, or boosting product sales. Be specific, and make sure your goals are measurable.

2. Never forget about your audience

Who you are speaking to will guide the content of your posts and help you engage more effectively. So make sure you know who that is.
Bear this in mind when executing the next few steps.

3. List your content ideas

Make a list of all the topics and types of content you want to post about. To help you get started, use AI tools for inspiration or look at what competitors are doing.

4. Populate your social media calendar

A content calendar will help you plan and visualise what you have scheduled. This should include the dates and times of your posts, the platforms you will use, and a brief description. Remember to mix up your content formats – photos, videos, external links, polls, etc.
This will give you an overview of the content to evaluate if it aligns with your overall business goals.

5. Consider putting some money behind it

Lastly, consider how much you’re willing to spend on sponsored content. Even a small budget can make a big difference on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where you can target your ads to specific demographics.

Campaign Budget Template

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When it comes to social media success, consistency is often the answer. However, consistency is frequently associated with daily posting across all social media platforms. While this can enhance reach, it probably won’t be enough.
Most importantly, you need to ensure that your messages, calls-to-action, and content formats maintain a level of consistency that matches your posting frequency.

Let the experts help

With an organic social media plan in place, you can start to think about how a targeted, paid social media campaign can help you drive traffic to your website, generate leads, increase brand awareness or let people know about a new service or the latest news from your business.

Paid social is best used as part of a wider campaign, and works well in conjunction with content marketing, display advertising and video – all key components in your marketing mix. This is where we can help.

Simply get in touch for an informal chat around your plans and objectives and we will recommend a campaign that achieves results.

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