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Vicki Barlow
19 March 2024
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Fill your vacancies with hyper-local advertising

If you’re looking to attract top talent and showcase your business to a local audience, InYourArea’s hyper-local advertising is the ideal tool for the job. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can leverage the power of hyper-local advertising to fill your job vacancies.

What is InYourArea?

InYourArea is the UK’s leading destination for local news, views and things to do. InYourArea gathers everything in one place, making it easy for local people – your potential customers and recruits – to find out what they need to know about the areas that matter most to them.

With a mix of trusted regional news sources and local knowledge, we ensure everything we share is balanced, honest and useful. It’s all part of our mission to help people discover the richness of the community that’s right on their doorstep. And we can connect your business with them, wherever they live.

Reach local talent

When it comes to recruiting for your business, finding candidates who are not only qualified but also the right fit is crucial. InYourArea’s hyper-local advertising allows you to focus your recruitment efforts on the people who live and work in your immediate community. This ensures that your job postings reach the right candidates who are already connected to your area.

Stand out as an employer

InYourArea offers the perfect platform to highlight your business’s culture and values. Use InYourArea to showcase what makes your company unique and why potential employees should choose you. Share stories about your team, your mission, and your workplace environment to attract candidates who resonate with your vision.

Even if you’re not recruiting at the moment, by using InYourArea to present your business as a great place to work you can create a demand for your future roles.

Agile advertising

Recruitment can be unpredictable, and job requirements may change over time. InYourArea’s hyper-local advertising allows you to make real-time updates to your job listings. Whether you need to add new positions or update job descriptions, you can keep your audience informed and engaged with the latest opportunities. Your time is precious, so we’ve made sure advertising with us is quick and easy, with no complex creative.

Community is everything

Local candidates often have a stronger sense of community and may be more inclined to stay in their area. By advertising on InYourArea, you can tap into these community connections. Engage with local job seekers, attend community events, and foster a sense of belonging that attracts talent to your business.

How to improve your recruitment strategy in 2024 guide

Looking for new ways to energise your recruitment strategy?

Attracting passive jobseekers and tempting those not actively looking for a new role is more challenging than ever.

Perhaps it’s time you approached the recruitment process differently? Are you using content marketing to build awareness of your business and its employment opportunities? Is your recruitment campaign inclusive? Are you advertising your roles in the right places?

In the How to improve your recruitment strategy in 2024 guide our recruitment experts reveal the approaches you need to take to inspire and attract applicants in 2024.

Reach passive talent

The best candidates may not be actively seeking a role – through InYourArea’s live feed, we can get your opportunities in front of a passive job-seeking audience.

Cost-effective advertising

InYourArea’s budget-friendly options allow you to maximise your recruitment budget. Set your budget, target the right audience, and promote your job listings in your local area without breaking the bank.

Experts on hand to help

At Reach, we understand the challenges of recruitment and the importance of finding the right candidates for your business. Our team of experts is here to provide support and guidance throughout your recruitment campaign, from crafting job postings to optimising your strategy.

Get in touch

Are you ready to connect with communities using hyper-local platform InYourArea?

With a range of solutions to suit all budgets, InYourArea is proven to benefit businesses of all size.

When it comes to your next recruitment campaign, consider the power of hyper-local advertising with InYourArea. It’s a valuable tool to attract top talent, showcase your unique company culture, and engage with local job seekers. By focusing on your local community, you can find candidates who are not just qualified but also aligned with your business values.

Don’t wait; start filling your vacancies with hyper-local advertising today. Contact Reach to make your next recruitment campaign a success.

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