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Nigel Black
15 May 2024
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We are thrilled to announce that Reach will once again, be a proud sponsor of the prestigious, Media Week Awards. This year, we are not only supporting the event but also sponsoring two significant categories: Media Agency of the Year and Agency Partner of the Year.

At Reach, we have always been at the forefront of celebrating excellence in the media industry. The Media Week Awards represent a pinnacle of achievement, recognising the innovation, creativity, and effectiveness that drive our industry forward. By sponsoring this event, we aim to contribute to the recognition of outstanding talent and groundbreaking work that shapes the future of media.

The Media Week Awards provide a platform for industry leaders to come together, share insights, and celebrate their accomplishments. As an organization deeply committed to fostering growth and excellence within the media landscape, we see our sponsorship as a natural extension of our values and mission.

We are particularly excited to sponsor two pivotal categories this year:

Media Agency of the Year
This award recognises the very best in media agency teams who have evidence of financial success, client retention and acquisition, work that shows great media thinking and development of the agency’s brand, business and talent base. Teams will also be commended for their dedication to diversity within their agency and/or wider industry. Judges will also be looking to understand the team or business’ strategy or approach regarding sustainability, and the continued measures being taken to develop.

Agency Partner of the Year

The Agency Partner of the Year award celebrates collaboration and partnership. It acknowledges an agency that has worked seamlessly with clients and partners to achieve remarkable results. This category highlights the importance of strong relationships and teamwork in driving success in our industry. By sponsoring this award, we aim to underscore the value of collaboration and mutual growth.

Reach’s Head of Marketing, Nigel Black said, “Sponsoring these categories aligns with Reach’s commitment to excellence and innovation in media. We believe that by supporting events like the Media Week Awards, we can help elevate industry standards and encourage continuous improvement. Our sponsorship is a testament to our dedication to recognising and rewarding those who push boundaries and achieve extraordinary outcomes.”

As we look forward to the 2024 Media Week Awards, we are excited about the opportunity to celebrate with our peers and honour those who have made significant contributions to our industry.


Early bird entry deadline:
Thursday 13 June
Entry deadline: Thursday 04 July
Late entry deadline: Thursday 11 July


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