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Nigel Black
09 January 2024
3 min. to read

One year on, we revisit our 2022 research ‘Cost of Living: What Mainstream Britain Really Needs from Brands’ to explore whether brands truly have the credibility to make the cost of living a central focus of their advertising campaigns.

The cost of living is a topic that deeply impacts the lives of mainstream Britain. From housing and transportation to healthcare and daily expenses, it plays a crucial role in shaping consumer behaviour. Understanding this aspect is essential for media agency workers to effectively connect brands with their target audience.

One year after our initial research, we conducted an updated study to gain fresh insights into the current landscape and consumer sentiments surrounding the cost of living. This follow-up research aims to provide media agency workers with valuable information that can inform their strategies and campaigns.

Our latest findings shed light on evolving consumer perspectives regarding the cost of living. Consumers are increasingly seeking brands that not only acknowledge their financial struggles but also offer practical solutions. They want brands to go beyond empty promises and genuinely understand the challenges they face in affording a decent standard of living.

Brands have the potential to address the cost of living in their advertising campaigns. However, credibility is paramount. Consumers are discerning and expect brands to back up their claims with tangible actions. Mere lip service without providing real value may lead to scepticism and mistrust.

One key insight from our research is that consumers appreciate brands that offer practical solutions to alleviate the burden of the cost of living. This could involve providing affordable options, offering discounts or promotions, and supporting financial education initiatives. By focusing on tangible ways to ease the financial strain on consumers, brands can build trust and loyalty.

Authenticity is crucial when addressing the cost of living in advertising. Consumers respond positively to brands that genuinely care about their well-being and strive to make a positive impact. Media agency workers play a vital role in crafting campaigns that resonate with the realities of mainstream Britain’s financial challenges.

The cost of living continues to be a significant concern for mainstream Britain, shaping their purchasing decisions and overall well-being. By understanding consumer perspectives, credibility in advertising, practical solutions, and the importance of authentic connexions, media agency workers can help brands effectively navigate the cost of living landscape and connect with their target audience.

Download our insight to reveal some of the challenges brands are facing, and how they can successfully communicate and empathise with audiences on this issue.


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