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Vicki Barlow
15 March 2024
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It’s time to prepare to embrace a cookieless world.

Introducing Mantis, our revolutionary AI-powered first-party data advertising solution that connects brands with online communities visiting the news websites they love and trust. It works with our Plus+ products – a range of highly effective targeted ad solutions.

Plusᐩ uses Reach’s wealth of first-party customer data to intelligently target your ideal audience on our online network of news sites.

By using it in your next campaign you can:

  • Leverage our valuable first-party data
  • Cut your customer acquisition costs by ~47%*
  • Improve your click-through rates by ~43%*
  • Target by interests, location and much more
  • Advertise in a 100% brand-safe environment

Find out more by watching our short explainer video:

how to cut your advertising costs using intelligent targeting in 2024

Find out how to reach the right audience with intelligent targeting

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is, “how can I make my advertising more effective?”

Our answer is always the same: ensure you reach the right people.

Our handy guide will walk you through the whole process of intelligently targeting your audience, showing you how to define your ideal customers and then choose the right tactics to reach them.

We’ll also share details about our range of enhanced targeting products and reveal how they can help cut your advertising costs.

Click below to get your copy now.

Your marketing partner

Are you ready to join the many businesses that are already using Plusᐩ to enhance the efficiency of their online advertising?

We’ve helped them achieve real results, using first-party data. Now it’s your turn!

To find out more about Plusᐩ and how it can help your business, complete the form below and one of our team will be in touch.

* Based on audience data performance.

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