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Nigel Black
20 October 2023
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At Reach Solutions, we are bursting with pride as we reflect on our role as proud sponsors of the 2023 Media Week Awards. This prestigious event, held at the JW Marriott, Park Lane, London on Thursday, October 19th, was nothing short of remarkable. It brought together exceptional finalists who addressed pressing issues through thought-provoking and viral campaigns.

The winners of this year’s awards truly shone a spotlight on the outstanding talent, teams, and organisations within our ever-evolving industry. As we join the entire media and advertising community in congratulating these deserving victors, we can’t help but feel a sense of shared accomplishment.

Emma Callaghan, Executive Director of Advertising & Strategy at Reach, eloquently summed up the essence of the Media Week Awards in her words: “The past 12 months have been both challenging and rewarding for our industry, but the one thing it has definitely taught us is that relationships and true partnership are still absolutely key to delivering great work.”

Emma’s words strike a chord, as it encapsulates the very essence of our values at Reach Solutions. We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and transparency as the driving forces behind delivering exceptional work in the media and advertising sector.


Britain: A Society of Communities

Communities sit at the heart of everything we do at Reach – but it’s become the latest industry buzzword that’s lost its meaning, along with the voice and perspective of the real people that make them up.

In ‘Britain; A Society of Communities’ we’ve taken a ‘grassroots up’ approach, led by a diverse range of local, fan and values communities across the UK to uncover what it all actually means to them. We explored what makes them so important, how they’re formed and how brands can get involved in more genuine, meaningful ways.

Download our insight to find out more about the importance of communities.

“The Agency Partner of the Year award,” Emma continues, “is all about recognising the agency that goes the extra mile as a partner to media owners, in terms of communication, transparency, innovation, and delivery.” In an industry that thrives on creativity and connection, it’s heartening to see this level of commitment to genuine partnership, which ultimately leads to extraordinary results.

As sponsors of the 2023 Media Week Awards, we were fortunate to witness firsthand the levels of collaboration, creativity, and effectiveness displayed in all the entries. It’s inspiring to see how the industry continually pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, leading to campaigns and initiatives that resonate with audiences and create real impact.

As we reflect on our partnership with this year’s Media Week Awards, we’re more determined than ever to support and champion the creativity, innovation, and excellence that make our industry so dynamic and influential. The future holds endless possibilities, and together, we will continue to shape the world of media and advertising.

On behalf of everyone at Reach, congratulations to all the winners, including to EssenceMediacom for winning Best Agency Partner and Starcom for being crowned Agency of the Year 2023.

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